Why has France failed to exploit its natural landscapes to promote regional tourism?

  • 08/08/2020

Why has France failed to exploit its natural landscapes to promote regional tourism? People mostly go to Paris and other cities, but the entire variety of their natural wonders stays under the radar (relatively).

Do you know what is the French people's favorite holiday destination? France.

Post WW2, the government launched a huge project called the “Mission Racine" which had a goal to clean and disinfect the region of Provence, (mainly cleaning the waters and extermining mosquitos since malaria were still pretty common), in that vision, you have a lot of balnéaire stations from La Grande Motte to Palavas Les Flots and such, and the management and accessibility of mountains villages so they can be accessible to tourism.

An average french has done a pretty global tour of France with it's beautiful and variety of landscapes, cultures, and regions, much more in contrast with most Americans that barely have made it past the state border. Comparatively, France is a little smaller than Texas, so you can easily imagine french people taking their cars all around the country, the symbol of it being the weekend of the chassés croisés (you'll probably hear of it soon, it's the last weekend of July or the first weekend of August).

To add, France is also german, Italians and Spanish most frequented destination and they don't at all visit Paris or only Paris.

So France has good potential and the used populations know that, if you're Americans or from a country not bordering France I understand it's easy to see France as only Paris but make researches and try it, camping in the Azur Coast, skying in the Alpine mountains, the Atlantic coast, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Marseille, you could spend the next 10 years visiting France and you will never get bored, each destination is different.

1. La Grande Motte

La Grande Motte cheap flights

2. Palavas

Palavas trips

3. Marseillan

Marseillan trips

4. Sète

Sète trips

5. Etretat

Etretat tours

6. Chamonix

Chamonix tours

7. Avoriaz

Avoriaz trips

8. Châlons

Châlons tours

9. Pontoise

Pontoise tours

These are some of the cheap destinations the french often visit, some of them like Avoriaz and LGM was solely built for tourism. Even the suburbs of Paris have great to offer (Pontoise) in term of beauty, history, and authenticity, as we say, the next time, all you have to go is cross the périphérique and discover the world behind those Paris walls.

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