Tourism in Pakistan 2020

  • 21/08/2020

Traveling to Pakistan was a debatable topic once, due to consistent after-effects of the Afghan civil war till 2018.

Now the whole region is open for tourism. But, due to COVID 19, international flights are still not fully restored.

Pakistan has a richly diverse culture and provides plenty of choice for the tourists, like, hot beaches, deserts, mountains for hiking and skiing, and majestic small towns surrounded by green top mountains, lakes, and food.

Let's start in the mountains:


This is the second-highest peak after Mount Everest having a total height of 8611 meter high. But the experts say it is harder to climb K2 than Mount Everest. Till now only 367 people successfully climbed to the peak and around 80 people lost their lives in this struggle.

The most recommended route for trekking K2 is Abruzzi Spur

The first successful climber of K2 was Achille Conpagnoni, which discovered the peak in 1954.

Mr. Garrett Madison is the most recent successful climber of K2, who discovered the peak in July 2018. He is from America.

Whereas, around 890 climbers reach to Everest peak each year.

It is much recommended to acquire exclusive training for the trekking of K2 base camp, even if you are a professional climber and discovered Everest earlier.

There are many companies that provide you this basic training and exclusive trekking tips for the adventure of K2.

It is also recommended to read books of successful climbers as well.

Some of the books are:

  1. A trekking guide to Karakoram K2- Concordia by Sian Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons.
  2. No way Down by Graham Bowley
  3. Buried in the sky by Peter Zukerman

The best time for K2 hiking is June, July, and August. One has to apply for permission from the Ministry of Tourism, Islamabad. The permission is granted to a minimum group of 7 people for USD$ 7,200. And the normal time to reach the peak is 9 weeks, depending upon the weather and route guides.

Askole is the starting point, which is 130 km away from Skardu, it will take around 4 and a half hours to reach there.

Skardu is a small town of Gilgit Biltistan province, the whole district has a population of 200,000 people.

There is a daily flight for Skardu from Islamabad. But flight always depends upon weather conditions.

One can reach Skardu by road as well. It is around 640 km away from Islamabad.

Please share your thoughts and get ready to reach K2 here in Pakistan.


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