How does it feel to travel alone?

  • 04/05/2020

Solo travel is something everyone should try at some point in their life. There's no better way to get to know who you are as a person than by spending time with yourself away from the distractions of life.

You know that traveling alone can be a very fulfilling opportunity.

When you travel alone, you learn to rely on yourself. If you make a decision, only you have to deal with its positive conclusions or consequences. It’s up to you to create your trip experience.

There's nothing quite like discovering a new place on your own – taking it all in without anyone but yourself. Anyone who's done it can tell you that the benefits of solo travel are endless.

You Change For The Better

Although solitary travel is probably one of the most exceptional memories you can make, it also takes a lot of nerve. Exploring strange lands and journeying with complete strangers is not the easiest thing to do, but it will change you in a way nothing else can. From finding your own way around to interacting with people in different cultures, you’ll become more independent, adaptive, and feel liberated after traveling by yourself.

You Leave Your Comfort Zone

When traveling with friends, you often troubleshoot travel hiccups together. Can't find your way around? The solution usually comes by talking it over. Taking a trip on your own means you have to get out of any tricky trip situations by yourself, which can help with problem-solving, dealing with pressure, and developing self-belief. Expanding your horizons and feeling uncomfortable at times is alright. In fact, it’s something you should aim to do in your life. Continuing to do what makes you feel comfortable and safe is plausibly holding you back. It’s nearly impossible to grow and explore your true self if you’re not willing to take risks. Restraining from your true potential could be keeping you from opening any doors of opportunity and finding possibilities of growth and understanding in yourself.

Meeting People and Building Confidence

When you travel with others, you typically stick together. In other words, you're less likely to wander away from your group or partner. But traveling alone brings something truly valuable to the table – you'll be more likely to chat with locals, meet new friends, and generally be more sociable.

You'll also find that when traveling solo, you're much more approachable than when you're in a couple or a group. A lot of travelers will assume that if you're already in a group, you don't want to be disturbed, and will turn to the solo traveler almost every time.

Solo travel can be helpful for your mental state, too. Forging a path in solitude and making your way through unknown terrain can do wonders for your self-confidence and personal authenticity.

Your social skills will also improve as you meet more and more people and get used to introducing yourself and making conversation.

Personal Growth

If you think you already know yourself to the core, think again. Traveling by yourself will vastly expand your knowledge of your own identity. One benefit of solo travel is that it forces you to become independent, make decisions, and step out of your comfort zone regularly—something you wouldn't necessarily do if you weren't traveling alone.

When you travel solo, you have nobody to rely on but yourself, and that pushes you to learn how to function in the world. It's the sink-or-swim time! If something goes wrong, it's down to you to figure out how to get out of the situation.

Time for reflection and solitude can help bring peace to your mind. You'll get to know yourself better than you ever have before, learn what truly makes you happy, and what you need to work on to improve as a person. It can often be challenging to face these truths but learning to overcome them is all part of the process of growing.

These days, we're constantly bombarded by stimulation – relentless connectivity to others, as well as the Internet. Rarely do we get the chance to sit with ourselves and simply be. Solo travel provides the opportunity to do just that. Being on your own in a new place serves as a permission slip to slow down, without the distractions you'd feel buzzing around you when traveling with companions. Being alone, and really embracing it, is a wonderful part of solo travel.

You can spend time working on a hobby, reading books in coffee shops around town, hiking every day, or simply sitting and meditating. When you're on your own, you can do whatever you want without having to worry about anyone else. That freedom is incredibly liberating.

Become Completely Selfish

This may be the only context in which selfishness isn't really a bad thing. Creating your own itinerary is probably one of the biggest perks of traveling alone. You don’t have to get dragged anywhere you don’t want to, and you can visit your top destinations on your own time. You won’t have to feel guilty about skipping out on anything, or for missing that train, or never will you have to apologize to anyone for sleeping in late. You don’t have anyone else’s feelings to take into consideration. And you’ll feel content that you got to see everything you wanted to.

Problem-Solving And Decision-Making

Solo travel can help you to channel your courage, especially during times of personal growth and change. It can help you to clear your mind, creating some much-needed space to mull over major life decisions that you may need to make.

Many people struggle with making decisions or solving problems. Usually, it’s because they rely on another person to solve or to decide. Sometimes you just don’t want to make a decision until you hear an opinion of the friend. Many people have these problems in their life and struggle with that daily. Therefore, traveling solo can help with that since you have nobody that will make a decision for you or approves your decision.

Also when solving a problem, it is usually only you who can do that when traveling solo. This is a great skill to have and to improve.

You'll Work On Creative Projects

Been dying to delve into a creative project? Whether it's writing poetry, developing a new business plan, or playing the guitar, traveling alone provides the opportunity – and inspiration – to tap into these desires. When you're untethered to the demands of others you'll probably find it easier to nurture your creativity.

Experience is Empowering

This is a familiar concept that holds true to its value. Buying new things may give you a temporary kick, but that happiness quickly fades away. Contrary to purchasing expensive items, spending money on experiences will influence you for the rest of your life. You will create memories you could never have conceived and made friends with people you couldn’t have elsewhere.

At the end of it all, you can look back in astonishment at what you’ve accomplished. You grew more adaptable when you ran into hurdles such as missed flights/trains/buses, or when you lost your way on the map. You faced your fears of safety and loneliness. You learned to shine on your own through self-reliance. And you strengthened your self-awareness with a clear mind. Nothing could be more empowering than that.

The ability to be okay with being by yourself, to not need constant stimulation and company, is extremely empowering.

Feels Happier

Travelling mode has the potential to increase our happiness levels. And spending time alone has also been shown to stave off depression. Traveling off on a solo adventure just might be good for your overall well-being.

“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” – Oscar Wilder